Cua Ong Coal concentrate solutions to ensure enough coal for rising demand

As reported by the company Coal Cua Ong (TTCO), quarter past, TTCO actively develop and implement the production plan accordingly, stick to the plan of the Group CN Coal – Minerals of Vietnam (TKV) and consumption situation to direct the production.

At the same time the company also closely coordinate with the mines, supervise, check carefully work out coal every shift, every day; regularly updated inventory of coal to the layout of the device operate, maintain high productivity while running the machine.

Accordingly, in the first quarter all the targets were met and exceeded the requirements set forth. Compared with the year plan, coal mines reached 2.58 million tons purchased by 26.01 {266531af99d4f947484cd5b653b2f0cc22158b0a0a4cac3011fdd3235a943e7d}; Coal in ready reach 2.57 million tons, with 25.84 266531af99d4f947484cd5b653b2f0cc22158b0a0a4cac3011fdd3235a943e7d {}; Coal consumption reached 2.42 million tons, with 28.52 {266531af99d4f947484cd5b653b2f0cc22158b0a0a4cac3011fdd3235a943e7d}.

Specifically in the work of executive producer, lump coal 4a.1, 4a.2 Department, Department 5a.1, 1b.1 mud consumption stable recruitment; 4a.1 household coal transport protein, bran 5a.1 delivered electricity reaches households TKV delivery plan; liberate coal inventories. Coal No. 6, 7, 8 ensures proper export plans, increased sales of coal. 4a.1 coal allocated to household consumption of protein and chemical stability, reduce inventory and facilitate the production of the factory entrance …

Into the second quarter, with a view tasks indicators in the quarter to achieve right from the beginning, the first month, company leaders Coal Cua He directed the factory entrance, treatment plant sludge water to comply with the technology, ensuring product quality after sorting and productive as planned; concentrate production line preparation for consumption leg and direct plants comply recruitment plan coal blended roaming.

Company key tasks set out in the second quarter was the work of consumption, pulling mine planning, appropriate screening. Accordingly, the company is focusing on solutions to ensure the preparation of sufficient quantities and quality of high-quality coal (coal Department No. 4, No. 5, coal No. 6, No. 7, No. 8) to export export. At the same time, balanced response source for household electrical bran, protein localization and enhanced roaming receiving western coal to blend the customer needs higher thermal bran 5 Bran 6 …

Specifically, pull mine production split shifts, day and stick to keep them under average operational 31,000 tons / day, high hold over 32,000 tons / day; sufficient raw coal for Coal 2, meets 19,000 tons / day to 1,000 employers and flip spill tons / day; sort consumption, flexible steering technology to produce the best effective. Coal 1 to responsive 12,500 tons / day. 3-level coal mine coal and coal roaming under a scheme 6b.4 bran mix, meet 3,500 ton / day coal 6b.1 1 for mixing coal resources of over 2,000 tons / day of coal and other sources mixed response plans 9,000 tons / day, reaching over 203,000 tons / month subscription of Cam Pha thermal power plant; closely direct the clinical resources, ensure indicators, quality products and legs ready consumption, which noted approach and boost domestic consumption of coal types,

Besides, the company also implemented measures to stabilize the equipment to meet production requirements; direct and supervise the units to strengthen inspection and assess the state of the art equipment more accurate daily; strengthen management, closely monitor the progress and quality repair of transport equipment.

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